Wind Energy & Hydrogen Export

SABRI made a submission to the Government of NL Call for Crown Land Nominations for Wind Development.

After consideration of research already complete, three locations were selected:

  1. American Drive, St. Anthony
  2. Cremellaire, St. Anthony
  3. Cape Norman.

A 5.25 MW grid-connected wind farm install has been confirmed to be technically feasible by Memorial University from a 2009 report to help supply the Town of St. Anthony and surrounding communities power demand. With that in mind, this project has even more potential when taking into consideration that the export of green hydrogen/ammonia product could be supported by the current Port of St. Anthony and the installation of a 25 MW wind farm as a start to supplying residential/commercial power and eventual scale-up for export.

Numerous local and international business relationships have already been established in previous projects with SABRI, thus, finding an additional partner for the larger 25 MW or greater hydrogen export project is not anticipated to be a problem. This project not only potentially eliminates the current diesel-powered backup generator in the community and creates a cleaner source of energy, but it also revitalizes a region with at minimum 30 new jobs across the construction and maintenance stage of even the smallest 5.25 MW project.

The vast area of crown lands in the SABRI region as well as the data supporting the feasibility of such a project, SABRI welcomes the opportunity to be provided access to Crown Lands to advance in St. Anthony and area for a wind energy development project.

SABRI is continuing to pursue wind monitoring, investing in research through MITACs and Memorial University Department of Engineering and open to future development partnerships. Interested parties should reach out to Christopher Mitchelmore, Executive Director at

REPORT – Wind: The Resource for Transforming St. Anthony, NL