On April 23, 1997, Mr. Fred Mifflin, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, announced a 57 per cent increase in the total allowable catch of northern shrimp. As part of the 1997-1999 management plan, Mr. Mifflin granted: “A special allocation of 3000 tonnes for the northern part of the Great Northern Peninsula, which takes in communities from Big Brook to Goose Cove.”

St. Anthony Basin Resources Inc. was established in the following weeks to manage this special allocation. The management Board is made up of 15 volunteers with 5 fisherpersons, 4 fish plant employees, 4 Community representatives and 2 representatives from Development committees in the area Big Brook to Goose Cove.

In 2016 the Total Allowable Catch in SFA 6 was reduced by 42.3%.  The Last In, First Out policy has been eliminated, and replace with proportional shares. SABRI now has a permanent share of 4.5% quota in SFA 6.