SABRI has donated more than $800,000 to different groups in the SABRI region.

$5,000 has been donated in 2022 to the Grenfell Foundation to help purchase priority medical equipment in the St. Anthony region. 

$25,000 to the Community Readiness Committee for the purchase of playground equipment for kids with disabilities

$260,000 has been donated to the Grenfell Foundation over the years to help purchase medical equipment, such as $150,000  to purchase an Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope

SABRI donates funds to help support the Kids Eat Smart program for schools in our region.  In 2016 a total of $2465 was donated to this cause.

Last November, SABRI donated $25,000 to support Hope Air’s charitable service in the SABRI region, helping ensure equal access to healthcare.

$10,000 to A Breath of Fresh Air Committee for the construction of a new playground in Cooks Harbour.

$15,000 to the 774 St. Anthony Air Cadet Squadron to help with their Fundraising efforts to attend the 100th Anniversary of Beaumont Hamel.

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